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                                          • Pirenzepine Hydrochloride
                                          Detailed description

                                          Pirenzepine Hydrochloride Tablets product description
                                          Please purchase and use under the guidance of the pharmacist

                                          [drug name]
                                          Generic name: Pirenzepine Hydrochloride Tablets
                                          Hydrochloride Tablets Pirenzepine
                                          Chinese Pinyin: Pailunxiping Yansuan
                                          [character] this product is white or white.
                                          [indications] used to inhibit gastric acid and ease the pain caused by gastric spasm.
                                          [Specification] 25 mg.
                                          [usage] oral, adult, a 1~2 tablets, 2 times a day, sooner or later, or half an hour before meals.
                                          [adverse reactions]
                                          1 common dry mouth, blurred vision, constipation, diarrhea, headache.
                                          2 rare mental disorder, difficulty in urination.
                                          Pregnant women, glaucoma, prostate hypertrophy patients disabled.
                                          1 continuous use of this product shall not exceed 7 days, the symptoms did not ease, please consult a physician or pharmacist.
                                          2 children, lactating women, liver and kidney dysfunction with caution.
                                          3 if there is excessive or serious adverse reactions, should immediately seek medical treatment.
                                          4 of the drug allergies are disabled, allergic caution.
                                          5 it is prohibited to use when the character of this product is changed.
                                          6 please put this product in the place where children can not contact.
                                          7 children must be used under adult supervision.
                                          8 if you are using other drugs, please consult a physician or pharmacist before using this product.
                                          [storage] light shading, sealed preservation.
                                          [packing] plastic: 12 / box, 12 x 2 plate / box.
                                          [Effective] 36 months
                                          [executive standard] national drug standard -2003Z (X-462) WS1-
                                          [approval] Zhunzi H10940110

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