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                                          • Sulpiride Tablets
                                          Detailed description

                                          Sulpiride Tablets product summary

                                          Please use under the guidance of doctors

                                          [drug name]

                                          Generic name: Sulpiride Tablets

                                          English Name: Tablets Sulpiride

                                          Chinese Pinyin: Pian Shubili

                                          [character] this product is a white film.


                                          Other uses are in antiemetic for schizophrenia simple type, paranoid, tension type and chronic schizophrenia withdrawn back apathy symptom. On depressive symptoms have certain curative effect.

                                          [Specification] 100mg 10mg

                                          [usage and dosage]

                                          Oral treatment of mental schizophrenia, starting at a dose of 100 mg once, 2 or 3 times, gradually increased to therapeutic dose a day 600~1200mg, maintenance dose for a day 200~600mg. antiemetic, a 100~200mg, 2 or 3 times 6 years old children according to the adult dose conversion, should be small dose began, slowly increasing dose.

                                          [adverse reactions]

                                          1, a common insomnia, wake up early, headache, irritability, fatigue, loss of appetite and so on. Dry mouth, blurred vision, tachycardia, difficulty in urination and constipation and other anticholinergic to adverse reactions.

                                          2, the dose was more than 600 mg a day can occur when the extrapyramidal reactions, such as tremor, rigidity, salivation, bradykinesia, akathisia, acute dystonia.

                                          3. Mainly associated with plasma prolactin concentration increased, the possible related symptoms: galactorrhea, male and female breast, menstrual disorders, amenorrhea, weight gain.

                                          4, ECG abnormalities and liver function damage can occur.

                                          5, a small number of patients can be excited, excited, sleep disorders or elevated blood pressure.

                                          6, a large number of long-term medication can cause delayed movement disorder.

                                          [taboo] pheochromocytoma, patients with hypertension, severe cardiovascular disease and severe liver disease, allergy to this product is disabled.

                                          [note] [note]

                                          1, suffering from cardiovascular disease (such as arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, conduction abnormalities) should be used with caution.

                                          2, there should be a late onset of motor disorder, should be disabled for all antipsychotic drugs.

                                          3, allergic skin rash and malignant symptoms should be stopped immediately and the corresponding treatment.

                                          4, basal ganglia lesions, Parkinson syndrome, severe central nervous suppression with caution.

                                          5, liver, kidney function is not the whole person should be reduced.

                                          6, with caution in patients with epilepsy.

                                          [pregnant and lactating women use] pregnant women with caution, the use should be reduced dose. Lactating women use this product should stop breast-feeding during the period.

                                          [children] use caution.

                                          Elderly patients should start with a small dose, slowly increasing the dose.

                                          [drug overdose] poisoning symptoms:

                                          1, central nervous system symptoms: severe disturbance of consciousness, from lethargy, inattention to drowsiness, finally went into a coma. Examination miosis, light unresponsive. Accompanied by the central body temperature low.

                                          2, cardiovascular system symptoms: orthostatic hypotension, heart rate, pulse breakdown, occasionally arrhythmia, severe lead to hypovolemic shock.

                                          3, blood system symptoms: a decrease in neutrophils, allergic purpura.

                                          Treatment: gastric lavage and catharsis, infusion. And according to the illness received symptomatic treatment and supportive treatment.

                                          [storage] light shading, sealed preservation.

                                          [packing] plastic bottle packaging, 100 / bottle.

                                          [Effective] 36 months

                                          [executive standard] < Chinese Pharmacopoeia >2015 version two

                                          [approval] 10mg: Zhunzi H32024484

                                          100mg: national drug standard word H32024483

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